Experiments and Scientific Research: What's Next?

Stem cell research and cloning holds the keys to unlock the future or does it hold the path to other creations: the mixing of human and animal DNA.

A British team at Newcastle University announced that they have created mixed embryos containing human and animal material for the first time. New laws are being proposed and debated concerning the legality and morality of these actions.

Scientific experimentation has also walked moral boundary lines in stem cell research in which the living cells of unborn babies have been taken leaving the once pregnant mother without a child. These are the scientific facts of today. Scientific discovery continues to advance at a rapid pace.

In the novel, Peter Paul: The Chase Begins, author Stokely Gittens takes the current events of today and goes one step further as he explores the controversial aftermath of a genetic experimentation that got out of control.

“Take a trip into this book and find out what might happen in the future,” says John I. Cook, President of Educational Excellence and author of From the Projects to Princeton. “Peter Paul takes you on a journey through the crevices of your mind! It’s a must read for the daring and exploring reader!”

“Move over Harry Potter and Matrix,” says Tabitha Vinson, author of Check Your Keys. “Peter Paul is a page turner that keeps you guessing every minute. I can't wait for the sequel. It was simply marvelous!”

“I think the cheetah is an amazing species,” says Stokely Gittens. “It’s amazing when you study the human and animal species to learn that their behavior is alike in a lot of ways.” Peter Paul is a genetic mixture of a human and a cheetah. His only friend and confidant is Roy Pierce. However, Roy's friendship threatens danger and exposure to Peter Paul.

Special investigative teams, Team New York and Team Vegas, are formed to capture them consisting of Navy Seals, Marine Recons, and undercover CIA operatives. Set in the blazing streets of California. Get ready to go on a journey deep into the world of deception, adventure, romance, and sizzling action.

Peter Paul: The Chase Begins
by Stokely Gittens
ISBN: 978-0-9798329-0-1, Pages 331

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